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You are welcome to visit the Art Gallery where some of my work is exhibited and may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel or tech accessories.  Please just click on the button above.


New art is added frequently and previous art removed. If a certain photographic art piece is in the gallery one day -- it may not be there the next and some other art piece may have taken its place.


The Gallery is a place in flux. It is never the same for any long period of time, so feel free to visit frequently.  Thank You!



I have had the great fortune to travel and live all over the world: Philippines, Spain, Montana, New York, Hawaii and many other magnificent places. I currently live in Colorful Colorado, a photographer's paradise. However, one does not have to go far to claim one has traveled.


Please visit my travel blog (button above) as I wander about capturing the countryside. Mountains, streams, little creeping things and towering trees are all fair game. Realist portraits, fanciful twists with abstract flavors are all the order of the day. I never know what I might find on my journey.